Jeff's epUK links page

Jeff's epUK links page

Index page

epUK office - these links only work on the Chelmsford network

epUK intranet

epUK design wiki

epUK webmail

epUK Download Operating instructions on new 2021 web site

Download Operating instructions

epUK Download some specific Operating instructions from new 2021 web site

CN1101 OMI

TMS Installation instructions

CN1116 operating and maintenance instructions

epUK gsm logging

epUK Chelmsford Logging Index Linux PC,
Note: to Fixed IP Address redirect provided by ThinkingFish.

epUK Chelmsford vintage Webserver, microcontroller PCB demo on Jeff's desk, built in 2008

epNeo ThingsBoard, old (Mulfingen server)

epNeo ThingsBoard, new, (Azure server), at now also has the address .

Jeff Ras Pi Logging Index, original

ElComponent login

MyOmega login

Envio login

Framlingham case study, see 19mins_40seconds to 25mins - YouTube video


Ikor, ebmp electronics design & manufacturing, based in Spain

Hosted on my RasPi at home

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